Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Mustache - Whoda Thunk?

How embarrassing. Yet I can laugh at myself, hence the blog post.

I was in dire need of an eyebrow wax. I usually just get this procedure done at any ol' nail salon. This time, I tried a new place. I love the job the woman did. However-- as she was dousing my eyebrows with hot wax, she asks ever so politely, "Would you like your lip done too?"

I did not know that I had a hairy lip. I did not know that my face featured a mustache! Did she just want more money, or did I really have hair there and if I did why didn't anyone tell me? I told her to go ahead. Ouch.

Then,I realized that I hadn't worn sandals in a while but I was on this day because it was quite warm for October and wanted to get more mileage from the Sketchers. She asks ever so politely, "Color change?" (Only she had to repeat herself several times because I didn't understand her.) I realized that my pink polish was quite worn off. No! Stop trying to upsell me. Just get rid of my facial hair and let me go. I told her, "I am not wearing sandals again so, no thank you."

Then, she grabbed my hand and looked at my short, unpolished nails. "Manicure?" For crying out loud, just do my brows! I won't go back there again. But at least I found out that I have excess facial hair.

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