Monday, October 22, 2007

A HOT weekend: Wings and Fire in Downtown Wilkes-Barre

Dave and I had a hot weekend. It started Saturday. Our friends Rob & Craig had a Wing Night party, which was a total blast and a killer party. We played CLR- a new die game and ate a lot of great food... and somehow the night ended with those left at the party at GClub 10. At any rate, given the amount Dave and I had to drink, there was no way we could drive home. So we crashed.

We headed home around 10am on Sunday and as we went over the South Street bridge, coming down from the Heights section, I spotted this enormous cloud of smoke. The investigative reporter in my blood told Dave to follow the cloud. Turns out we really didn't need to because the fire was on our way home. When we reached River Street, we saw that the old warehouse behind Antonio's pizza was engulfed in flames. I was never this close to such a large fire before and was in awe. I rolled the window down to take some pictures and the burst of heat poured into the truck. We could feel the heat. I can't believe what it must be like to be a fire fighter. Below are some pics of the smoke cloud. I also took a video, but since I had so many pics on my camera, I only had a few seconds left. I posted the video on YouTube. Here are my pics as I followed the cloud of smoke to the big fire in Wilkes-Barre.

Also- I had intentions of posting this yesterday when I got home to be the first with the news on the web (haha), but I passed out again. I was hungover. So, I am not first with the story, as I am sure it was all over the news and in the papers today.

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