Friday, October 26, 2007

I like new things. (and a call for comments)

Since this blog is named Daily Dose o Donna, I figured I needed to get more daily.

B&N Gets a Make Over
This morning I noticed that Barnes and Noble's website has a brand new look. Oh boy does it look good. Looks a lot more clean and slick, and is more user friendly. Of course, I am on Amazon nearly every day spending my bill money on books, but I really do like the new Barnes & Noble site.

Donna Launches Bookstores
Speaking of bookstores- I created four new stores-- if you are looking for gifts for people, help a sister out:

The Dream Drawer- sells sleep aids, dream books and lots of cool stuff
The Reporter's Store- for the reporter and freelance writer- DVRs, style guides, pens
MA in Creative Writing Store- books for all genres of creative writing
80s Music & Movies Store

Leave Your Mark!
I have Google Analytics on this blog. I know I have visitors. In fact, I can drill down to where you are from. Ha! Big Brother is watching! But my point is- and my pal Andee will agree- it's nice to have comments. So, leave me comment. Let me know what you think!

XS Blast Energy
I admit-- I have an energy drink addiction. I try every last one I can get my hands on. I really want to try 5-Hour Energy. But, a client of ours sent a few cases of XS Energy - there are some cool flavors. They are a selection of colas and teas in the same size can as the smaller Red Bull. My favorite flavor so far is the Root Beer. Yummy!

So- that's my post for the day!! Back to work. Lunch is over.

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Sam Blankenship said...

Hey Donna!

Congrats on the new stores...they look cool! Haven't tried XS yet, so I'll have to give it a try! I'm really liking the new Monster Java energy drink right now. Have a great wekend!