Sunday, October 28, 2007

IV Drugs are Bad... but Have You Heard of IV Shots? Halloween Party 07

Dave and I went to Andy and Colleen's annual Halloween party last night. Surprisingly, I am already awake. It must be a sign that I and the other party-goers are either getting old, or drinking too much too fast, as the party ended around middnight, however Andy and I and Cara stayed up until 3 a.m. and I have some video of Cara dancing. Very funny. I will post on YouTube I think. I need a better digital camera with video, as with mine you can't adjust the light. I have some video of everyone dancing from earlier in the night, but it turned out way too dark.


I had a lot of difficulty finding a costume this year. I waited until the last minute to get a costume which was mistake #1, but even with the small collection of costume, I had little luck because everything is made for short & skinny chicks. I wanted to be a viking chick, but I when I tried it on I thought the skirt was missing. Then I realized it was a one-piece. The shirt was really a dress. Cute, but I don't think the party wanted to see my ass. Seriously, everything else was a sexy costume. Where was the cute, the funny?

I ended up being Athena, the Greek goddess, which was cool since I love Athena- the goddess of creativity (I wrote about her once, here.) However, I could not find an ivy crown and the cheap gold necklace I bought broke as soon as I put it on. Dave's outfit worked out better. He wanted to be dead construction worker and since he works in the field, he already had some props. We just added a zombie flannel shirt which had flesh popping out, some blood and a knife.

The rest of the party looked great, especially our host and hostess, Andy and Colleen, who always have awesome costumes. John made a very sexy woman- I'd die for those legs and bouncy hair.

And, bet you were wondering what the headline meant-- Gary dressed up as a doctor and brought IVs that were filled with alcohol. We did IV funnels which was a lot fo fun and totally creative.

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